CCSU Local Site Executive Committee (LSEC) Roles

The Chairperson

The Vice-Chairperson


The Chairperson, Who will be a member of the LSEC should, on their site:

1.Organise and Chair weekly meetings of the LSEC

2.Produce, circulate and publish agenda at least two days before each weekly meeting.

3.Co-ordinate and support the activities of other LSEC members

4.Continually encourage all Members to participate in Union affairs, and promote democracy in all participation

5.Attend all other relevant meetings and report to the CSEC as appropriate

6.Uphold the Union Constitution and report all student issues to LSEC, Student liaison staff and Student Union President

7.Liaise with Campus Head with support of Student Liaison Officer to discuss students' views on Campus.


The Vice-Chairperson, who will be a member of the LSEC should, on their site:

1.Be deputy to the Chairperson

2.Support the Chairperson in their job role

3.Uphold the Union Constitution and report all student issues to LSEC, Student liaison staff and Student Union President

4.Support the Chairperson with Head of Campus and CSEC meetings.


Students are encouraged to lead in areas of interest/activity including social, environmental, community, personal health and wellbeing and fundraising activities, roles and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the below.



Ensure that all members have up to date information in relation to Students' Union activity

  1. Be the key point of communication between members and the LSEC
  2. Help promote Union events and activities throughout the year – for example, Freshers’ Fairs, elections, parties
  3. Contribute to all of the Union’s communications streams, including but not limited to the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram the Student Portal and the Student Bulletin.


  1. Organise and publicise a variety of entertainment and social activities to reflect the interests of all sections of the student body
  2. Design an activities/events programme for the year with the direction and guidance from the student body, LSEC and Student Liaison Officer
  3. Establish and maintain contact with relevant clubs, companies, organisations, other campuses and Colleges
  4. Be responsible for the running of all events including the publicity, sale and distribution of tickets under the direction of Student Liaison Officer
  5. Be responsible for the sourcing of relevant merchandise and other such items that are required for the successful running of eve


  1. Liaise with the College Management on matters regarding sustainability across the campus
  2. Seek ways to minimise CCSU’s impact on the environment
  3. Share best practice throughout CCSU
  4. Represent CCSU at campus Sustainability Forums
  5. Liaise with NUS on national campaigns


  1. Establish, maintain contact and provide information from groups and organisations which work on welfare issues
  2. Campaign on, and raise awareness of, welfare issues as agreed by the LSEC and CSEC e.g. debt, sexual health, drug/alcohol abuse, crime, student financial support
  3. Work with the Student Liaison Team to help run the staff-led campaigns on student welfare issues

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