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Every course has at least one Course Rep who researches student views and works with University staff informally and through formal committees to move the quality of your experience forward. They are a crucial contact for you to pass ideas and feedback to, meaning your course is constantly developing! Course Reps are invited to attend Programme and School Level meetings to represent the student voice in important University decisions. 


What meetings do Course Reps get invited to?

The meeting structure varies between Universities, and Universities tend to call meetings by different names. However, as a Course Rep, you will usually get invited to at least the following types of meeting:


Programme Committee - These meetings happen for every programme and are usually held once a term. Staff from all of your modules and Course Reps from each year will be invited to attend. One of the agenda items will be student issues and this is where programme specific issues can be raised. These issues could vary from the way a module has been delivered to the way feedback is received from a piece of work.


Student Staff Liaison Committee - These meetings have a variety of names, such as Student Rep meetings, Course Rep meetings etc. Any student can attend and they are run in most universities, and are often chaired by students with a couple of staff attending. The meetings tend to be less formal but more regular than the programme committee meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss primarily site issues, such as facilities and student experience.


UPSU Meetings - UPSU holds a monthly Academic Forum which is a space for Course Reps, Students’ Union reps and other students to get together to discuss Academic Issues. Staff from the University may also occasionally attend to give you important updates.


You may also be invited to attend other University meetings such as Health & Safety committees and working groups, however this will depend on which Course and University you are in. If you are ever confused about a meeting you have been invited to attend, please get in touch and we can help!




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