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The NUS Green Impact for Further education is a Programme which aims to involve the students of various further education institutions in making a real and lasting impact with regards to the sustainability and “green” footprint of the sites which they study at. This involves the amalgamation of the corporate body and the students voice into a team which cohesively acts to better their local sites. What follows in this summary is the major points to focus on this year and how you as a member of this college group can help achieve both the college as a whole but also yourselves.

Key members of the team 2016/17:
Corporate Staff Lead – Justin Olosunde – Head of Falmouth Marine School and Director of Cluster Technology
Student Liaison Lead – Luke Appleton – Student Liaison Manager
Student Lead – Alex McGrath – CCSU Vice-President

Main criteria to focus on for the year

• Form a working group to manage the project at the site – (Finalise by the 6th of January) – can link current Green Team in order to create a larger group

• Release survey asking student opinions about the sustainability of the site

• Attempt to go paper free this academic year, if its not possible then implement the framework for 2017/18

• Hold a sustainability meeting to outline a policy on how sustainability work will be incorporated into the sites educational purpose and values – (First 2 weeks back after Christmas holidays)

• Invite Falmouth Marine Conservation Group and other local environmental organizations in order to asses how the student body can lower the impact of students on the local environment/how they can assist in improving it – (Potential to link with sustainability meeting – if not then before Easter)

• Liaise with LSEC in order to promote green running of events – Including roadshow

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