Actions which have been completed are highlighted in green and actions which are being implemented are in yellow


The partnership has supported one or more national or international sustainability campaign(s) run by a campaigning organisation within the last 12 months.


The partnership routinely asks students about sustainability in evaluation surveys.


The institution has a comprehensive recycling system and has developed a culture of reduction and reuse of waste prior to disposal.


The partnership has made a comprehensive effort to reduce paper usage across the institution.


The institution has developed a culture of energy awareness and efficiency and has engaged all staff in this, including cleaning, security staff and those who access the building outside of standard operating hours.


The partnership works to ensure any events held are as sustainable as possible - not just those led by the sustainability partnership but across the institution and students' union.


The partnership has developed a statement or policy on how its sustainability work relates to its educational purpose and values. Where possible this will be developed through a consultative process with students and staff. 


One or more named elected student officer has agreed to lead on sustainability issues for the students' union this academic year. 


Trustees and/or governors support the partnership's participation in the Green Impact programme and their efforts to improve sustainability performance.


The partnership understands how it will monitor and evaluate its Green Impact and sustainability work and builds data collection into its work.


Within the current academic year, the partnership has proactively engaged key stakeholder groups in the issues related to Green Impact.


Sustainability is included in the publicly accessible annual statements or impact report of the institution and students' union. 


The majority of courses and meetings are delivered paperlessly - with handbooks, lecture notes, reading lists, agendas etc. being online.


The partnership hosts events, or includes sustainability messages within existing events, across the academic year to engage students with sustainability.


The partnership runs at least one student competition relating to sustainability across the academic year to engage students with the topic and promote positive behaviours.


The institution has established its own sustainability champion scheme.  


The partnership has embedded sustainability and Green Impact into their induction processes for all types of new starter (students, staff, governors, etc.).


The partnership has identified sustainability-related coursework and project opportunities for some of its students within the last academic year.


All plain A4 white copier paper bought by the institution (and students' union where this is done separately) meets at least one of the following options:

• Made from at least 70% recycled paper;

• Made from NAPM accredited recycled paper;

• Made from pulp from FSC certified sustainable sources.

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