Actions which have been completed are highlighted in green and actions which are being implemented are in yellow


Both the institution and the union's website has a section on Green Impact and the sustainability work the institution is undertaking and relevant social media has regular updates on sustainability   issues.


The partnership has gained the support of a high-level champion within both the students' union and institution for their efforts towards Green Impact.


The partnership has a working or coordinating group that formally leads on efforts to attain, or retain, Green Impact. This has both staff from the union and the institution as well as students sitting on it.


The partnership has an active SMART action plan relating to its ambitions for Green Impact this year.


The partnership has nominated a staff lead for the project and at least one staff member and one student from the partnership has attended NUS' initial online training relating to the programme.


The partnership has comprehensively communicated to its students, staff, students' union officers and other stakeholders about its Green Impact and sustainability work and aspirations.


Within the last 12 months, the partnership has invited all students and staff to feedback ideas improving the sustainability of the institution.

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