Actions which have been completed are highlighted in green and actions which are being implemented are in yellow


Within the last 12 months, the partnership has reviewed the effectiveness of their sustainability communications and taken action to improve on their teaching and impact where appropriate.


The partnership raised over £1000 for charitable causes last and/or this academic year or has volunteered over 100 hours to charitable cause(s) in the local community.


Whether catering is provided in house or outsourced, the partnership has engaged its caterers in the sustainability agenda and is making significant progress on improving practices across operations, sourcing and sustainable food promotion. 


At least two tutorial sessions per year are on sustainability and social justice themes for all students.


The partnership has carried out a baseline curriculum audit on sustainability and social responsibility themes in the last year.


The partnership has successfully engaged with its clubs, societies, sports teams and other student networks on sustainability.



Within the last 12 months the team has undertaken one or more proactive initiative to sustain or encourage biodiversity.

Action Taken - A bioblitz occured in early October which indicated that there was a low biodiversity onsite, as a result, bug boxes have been made and there is a plan to replant the rear area of the college with pollinator friendly species. the seeds for this replanting have been kindly given by Kew gardens.


The partnership has developed a culture of water saving and efficiency.



The partnership proactively advises students, staff and visitors on how they can get to meetings and other events via public transport, walking, cycling or car sharing.

Action Taken - This subsection is already in place so no action was taken.



The partnership has worked collaboratively with estates/design teams to ensure environmental consideration is given to building works, from minor upgrades to new builds, within the institution estate.

Action Taken - The student lead has liaised with the caretaker and site staff who are all aware of the environmental impact of the site.


The partnership is working towards, or has achieved, Fairtrade status.


The partnership has embedded sustainability issues into their human resource processes.


The institution's overall strategic plan, and/or the publically-stated learning, learner outcomes, skills or attributes, or core learning outcomes include supportive references to the issues related to Green Impact.


The partnership has calculated its total carbon footprint for the previous academic year.


Within the last three years, the partnership has completed an institution-wide survey of students on their attitudes towards, and expectations on, social responsibility and sustainability and published the findings.


There is a student-led environmental group, which is supported by the partnership and invited to collaborate where appropriate.


The partnership supports its staff sustainability champions in engaging their departments and teams with sustainability issues.


The partnership can demonstrate student and staff engagement in community outreach projects and activities related to sustainability issues.


Whether IT is provided in house or outsourced, the partnership has engaged its IT providers in the sustainability agenda and is making significant progress on improving practices across operations, energy efficient, and conflict free equipment.



Drinking tap water is readily available for both staff and students.

Action Taken - There are multiple water dispenders throughout the site and water bottle are available to buy in order to reduce waste.

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